Water Treatment Plant

The water goes through physical, biological and chemical processes, which help the water to clean itself and comply with the environmental standard.

Reusable water

The treated water can be reused, in activities such as irrigation and production processes, in this way, a treatment plant is a benefit not only for the company, but for the surrounding population.

Cleaning with Bacteria

A large part of the "cleaning" or decontamination process is done by bacteria, which feed on wastewater. Bacteria do 85% of the work of purifying the water.

ACOOP - TS de R.L.

Cooperative Association of Savings and Credit TS, de R.L.

Association of savings and credits

It arose as an initiative of the General Directorate of Human Resources of the TS Group, to motivate savings and facilitate the obtaining of credits among the employees of Rayones de El Salvador and sister companies, in order to avoid usury and that no one takes advantage of our needs, legally and non-profit.

We currently have more than 625 associates who benefit from our cooperative.

Agile credit resolutions.

Security and legal support of your savings.

Commission free loans.

Attractive interest rate on your savings.

Advances on wages and bonuses.


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